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It's all in the details!  Custom designs and services are available in many forms ... here are some examples!

The Eyebrow



Above: an elegant set of ten-foot-wide elliptical steps

Below: the detail of one corner, showing the precise joinery work on the unfinished tread.



The Semi-Circle


The semi-circular tread and nosing above was a retro-fit. It replaced carpeted steps and a badly damaged nosing. Neither tread nor nosing have a finish on them.



The Balusters



Above: The "terminated champher" baluster was made to match the columns


Above: This balustrade follows the handrail with the top of the baluster and the tread with the bottom of the baluster. Also notice the brackets on the side of the stair risers.


Above: is a balustrade built using 1 1/2 inch stainless steel tubing with Red Oak Newels.



Above: Several special effects are displayed here.  The balusters are rotated 45 degrees.  The fillet is unusual in that it reflects the square balusters.  The caps on the newels are square... a very unique presentation for an over the post balustrade.  This balustrade was featured in Southern Accents Magazine



The Handrails


Above: A curved handrail can be combined with a straight handrail... Below: Or the entire balustrade can be curved.



Above: Handrails made to fit any architectural design, no matter how intricate, no matter what angle! Below: View of rail from the room below...



Above is a Handrail that had such a small radius that it had to be carved to fit the stairs.


Above shows that box newels can be placed next to the starting stair instead of in front of it.



Not all newel Caps are round!



Above shows that handrails can be bent in long sweeping curves or very tight curves.


Above shows the combination of wood skirt boards with travertine risers.

Below is a Handrail that makes 180 degrees around a 5 winder section of stairs.



Scroll work can be accomplished from pictures or drawings... the baluster shown is an example of  scroll work that makes a personal statement in your home that "off the shelf" balusters can't provide. This particular baluster originated as a black and white copy of a magazine page.